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Project Description
A Windows Service that consumes events from Team Foundation Server 2008 and relays them as messages to a Nabaztag rabbit.

Useful for communicating the status of the build across a development team.

Works well combined with Team Build Screen.

Credit goes to Martin Woodward for the original concept and sample code.

Team Build Bunny is developed and maintained by Jim Liddell.

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  • Communicates TFS events in real-time
  • Simple configuration
  • Announces BuildCompletion events
    • Only if the build failed or partially succeeded
    • Example: "The <Team Project> build of <Build Definition> requested by <Requested By>, <Build Status>."
  • Announces Checkin events
    • Example: "<User Name> checked in."


Project Status
The current recommended release is Team Build Bunny 1.0.0. Report any issues using the Issue Tracker.

To install and run Team Build Bunny you must have the following installed:
You will also need a Nabaztag connected to the internet.


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